Best Cheap Meats to Buy


Some of the best cheap cuts of meat are among the most tasty. Most family menus are geared toward the less expensive cuts of meat. The less costly cuts of meat usually take more time to prepare and require a longer period of cooking time. Budget cuts of meat are often tender when they have been stewed, casseroled, braised or boiled but they often benefit from being cooked with plenty of seasoning or herbs. Cheaper cuts of meat tend to have some fat running through them, this fat renders and produces the base for a very flavorsome gravy.

Minced beef is possibly one of the all time favorite cheaper cuts of meat. Do remember that the cheapest minced beef is not always the best. It may be false economy to buy cheap minced beef that contains a high percentage of fat. Minced beef is so versatile. The average family on a tight budget can enjoy a rich lasagne, a tasty Shepherds pie, a spicy Chilli, meatballs and many more nutritious dishes besides.

Do not rule out the less expensive roasting joints such as boned and rolled shoulder of pork. This cheaper joint of pork roasts well, tastes fabulous and cooks tender. Buy a piece of leg of pork and the family budget may feel stretched, purchase a boned and rolled shoulder joint and it is one joint that is very affordable.

Likewise pot roasts make a tasty winter meal that cost far less than a topside or silverside of beef roasting joint. Buy a piece of beef brisket and pot roast it along with seasonal root vegetables. You can purchase brisket boned and rolled but if the beef brisket is pot roasted with the bone in then it enhances the flavor of the dish.

Cheaper cuts of meat such as offal are an acquired taste. A liver and bacon casserole makes a warming meal but not everyone likes the stronger taste of the liver. Stuffed lambs hearts are not a costly meal but again they would not appeal to many.

Casseroles and stews are good rich meals that are packed with nutrition. Cheaper cuts of beef can be stewed or casseroled. Chuck steak is a safe bet and stewing steak costs less but tastes good. As long as these cheaper cuts of meat are prepared and cooked as they should be then the family will enjoy their budget meals. Rich casseroles can be served with rice, potato or chunks of warm crusty bread.