Bottled Waters Harms us Bottled Water Disadvantages why Tap Water is better than Bottled


Bottled water has too many disadvantages to put in one article.

It is a rip off, found to be no healthier than tap water.  It is an environmental disaster, killing eco-systems not only in its production, but also in its ultimate landing whether that be in landfills, or choking seabirds and mammals in the ocean, or left on land surfaces.

Bottled water leads to many health hazards, bacteria grow in any liquid left in light. It is also well known that no matter what type of plastic the container is, it contains toxins, carcinogens, and things that leak into everything else.  Your body holds many such contaminants, our early ancestors were made of different organic compounds altogether.

Plastic hurts mental health.  Yes, you heard that right. Living in a disposable throw-away culture creates values that are shallow and show a sense of trash mentality.  Shallowness is everywhere, and plastic itself if known to be a synonym for tacky, or worthless. We need to instill values, and value means caring about what is lasting, durable, useful, clean, beautiful, pure, and helpful.

Plastic is not simply evil.  It just is an awful and inefficient alternative for what we used for thousands of years, metal, glass, and wood, all of which can be re used and biodegrade without hurting others. But plastic, at best should be used only for things like medical devices, and life saving rare implements.

Having TSA forces to use plastic  zip bags, and confiscate bottles makes nations more vulnerable to terrorism, because our energy is being wasted and squandered on nonsense.

Please do your home work and learn more about plastic and bottled water. All water comes from the same sources. All water on earth is endlessly recycled for us through oceans, air currents, storms, glaciers, in and out of life form, including you, and everything that water touches can be refreshed and healed through water.  If the water is filled with toxins by industry or farm run off, that water can be harmful to many living things, including the living soil.

Bottled water is worth looking into to find out the various kinds of plastic, HDPE, PET, and PVC, as well as all the others, how they are best (although seldom) recycled, and how they harm living health.

Bottled water is something we just don’t need.  It might be a different story, and perhaps in some advanced nations it is, if those that produced the stuff paid the high cost for health issues, environmental impact, disposable and the recycling programs.

Instead, you the taxpayers pay for all externalized costs and your health suffers for the costs in more than just economic ways.

We can do better than bottled water, and especially much better than bottled water in plastic.  We know we can do better, because our species did so for about one million  years.