How to Polish Nails?

Polishing your nails is the most intricate task that you must encounter every few weeks. The easiest way that girls find out to do so is to just step into a salon and get your nail job done with lds nails perfectly within some time That seems easy but it involves time, money and efforts to find a reliable salon and get there after an appointment. Though some would do, it is far better to get your nail salon ready at home. If you have the right things or products for your nails to take care of every needed step, it is easier to get things done at home. Here, we’ll go through the steps and things that you will need to use if you are unsure about how to polish nails at home. So we are going to explain that so that every newbie is capable of doing so:

Things you will need:

To prepare and polish your nails with your favorite color, you may need to have the following things with you:

  1. Rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover
  2. Cuticle pusher
  3. Cuticle oil
  4. Buffer, nail filer
  5. Base coat polish
  6. Nail color or nail polish
  7. Top coat
  8. Curing lamp or LED if the nail polish is not air dry
  9. Nail Wipes

Steps to follow

At first, it is better to prepare the nails to get them ready for a new look. If you have nail color already you must remove the nail color first, either by using acetone, rubbing alcohol, or nail polish remover. This will give you clean and clear nails that are ready for the new nail color on them.

  • Buff your nails file them and give them the desired shape so that they look the way you need them. Make sure to use soft strokes so that they would not get damaged.
  • Use cotton balls dipped in rubbing alcohol to swipe all the debris or grease from the nail top.
  • Use cuticle oil on the cuticle to make them softer and push back the cuticle to give a neat and tidy look on your nails. This will help you avoid getting your nails messy and untidy.
  • Apply nail primer to make sure you have a steady base for your opi gel polish
  • Make sure to apply the base coat to cover the nail completely while keeping a hairline distance from the nail sides to keep the nail polish away from getting in touch with the cuticle or skin.

Always apply a very thin coat to keep the nail tidy and smooth for the nail polish application and let it dry before you apply the nail color.

  • Apply the nail polish using a thin layer and make sure to avoid the corners and sides carefully to avoid the mess. Let it dry or cure under the nail curing lamp to get perfectly finished nail polish.
  • Finish the look with a thin layer of top coat to get the perfect shine on your nails.
  • Touch up using cuticle oil on a tissue or cotton swab and gently but quickly give a shiny touch up on your nails for a lasting shine.

Cautions and tips:

Some cautions to keep in mind:

  • Always make sure your dnd nail polish, base coat, and top coat are in their best consistency to avoid smudgy layers. You may check before you apply and use a thinner to restore their natural or required consistency for a thin layer application.
  • You can use a thin line of school glue using a wooden stick to apply along the nail sides and corners to avoid messy lines. This can be removed later after applying and drying the nail polish.
  • Always try to apply thin coats of the nail polish that will assure lasting nail coat on the nails.
  • Remember, light-cured nail polishes are shinier and last longer than air drying nail polishes so make sure you know that before you decide on any of them.

It is better to use the best quality nail care essentials to get the perfect look on your nails accompanied by the proven methods to get a perfect look on your nails through the proper application of the nail polish.