Create Stunning Nail Art Using 3d Flowers, Crystal Designs and Strokes

Sometimes you don’t need to wear tons of jewellery to sparkle, if you haven’t heard about it yet, nail gems is another way to shine without overdoing it with the bling. The simple steps to do this design will result in a glamorous nail art than it sounds like it would be. Prepare your crystals and your good strokes and let us spice up your manicure further.

Create Stunning Nail Art Using 3d Flowers

Create five different looks using the same set of products in this nail design idea:

  1. Pink and Orange Ombre with Tribal Patterns

It’s time to put your good strokes to the test because in this nail design, your talent to use your steady hand and regular nail polish will shine. Start by creating a vertical ombre of pink and orange on your nail, you can achieve this by using LDS D106 Pink-y promise? and LDS D35 Bittersweet. Create a tribal nail design using black polish to complete the look.

  1. Embellished Pink Flower on Orange Nail

To get this magnificent nail design, begin by coating the whole nail bed with LDS D35 Bittersweet then create your 3D flowers using LDS Liquid Sealer Dry and LDS D106 Pink-y promise. Keep adding a few more petals in the same flower to make it look more realistic. Create lines on the petal by pressing the edge of the cuticle pushers. Add some diamonds and pearls for the touch of sparkle.

  1. 3D Jewels and Pink-Orange Ombre Nail Art

This minimal design is light and super pretty. The silver rhinestones complement the orange and pink ombre beautifully. This time do the traditional horizontal ombre to contrast the first design. If you prefer to add more bling, then knock yourself out but we suggest that you stick to putting it on the top because you still have two nails to decorate.

  1. Pink and Orange Ombre Jewel Studded Nail Design

This look comprises the same pink and orange ombre, some silver jewels and gold beads. This time instead of getting easy on the bling, you go all out and decorate the nails from the top to bottom on slanting position. Trust us, the crystals will create a wholesome design but very sophisticated.

  1. Double Stud on Orange Nail

A bit of light orange polish and studs can go a long way in transforming an ordinary manicure into something to be jealous of. A small bit of nail jewelry can add excitement to a monotone nail polish. You can actually choose what color of crystals to don but in this case, we opt for an orange one to compliment the orange nail and another small silver stud. If you put these designs on all your five nails, you might just create another trend in nail art fashion.